Spring Gulch XC Schooling Info

Remember, if you want to school at Spring Gulch …..

It is open 365 days a year, weather permitting, sunrise to sunset.

Purchase of a daily pass or yearly pass is required.

Year Passes are available at:

Highlands Ranch Metro District Parks & Open Spaces

3280 Redstone Park Circle

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129



Daily passes are $5.00 per vehicle and they can be purchased upon entering Spring Gulch. There is no longer a locked gate at the entrance.

Please remember that Spring Gulch is a public area and the jumps only are maintained by CCC and Friends of Spring Gulch. The tracks and weeds around the jumps are only groomed BEFORE an event or schooling event by the organizers of that event. Feel free to weed eat around the jumps if you wish to school and you think it is too overgrown to jump them safely.

You can make a donation to Friends of Spring Gulch through Emily Disler to help keep the current jumps maintained and to build new ones (this is very costly) . Contact Nicole Ackerman at Email if you wish to make a donation.

Here are some current updates on the Spring Gulch Equestrian Area brought to us by Gennifer Giustina (thanks Gennifer for all of your hard work!):

1. Due to the constraints placed on Highlands Ranch Metro District by the Corp of engineers the road is too narrow for two vehicles to pass. Highlands Ranch has solved this problem: when two trailers meet on the entry road at Spring Gulch the incoming trailer can pull over/off the road onto the trail. Highlands Ranch has placed “flexible ” posts with reflector tape separating the trail from the road. Your trailer can safely straddle these bendable “posts”. There are solid posts every 300 feet to keep us from driving on the trail. They expect you to use the trail this way. No trailer parking on the trail.

2. There is a new permanent bathroom at Spring Gulch. It can be remotely locked by HR when the park is closed. You open the door by pulling straight out. If you turn the handle down and pull it seems to act like its locked.

3. The mechanical gate is still a work in progress. Right now it is currently remaining open at all times.

4. They have removed the old manure pile which was near the parking area so we will have more parking space.

If you see the Highlands Ranch folks over there working please thank them for the great work they are doing!!