Membership Renewal





You can be eligible for Year End Awards for three organizations if you wish. Read the info below to find out how.

When you become a CCC member, it automatically signs you up as an MSEA member as well. This entitles you to a MSEA Omnibus which lists all events and schooling events in the Mountain States Area only. It will be directly mailed to you.
You will be eligible for all CCC year end awards only if you sign up as a member.
However, it does NOT automatically sign up your horse with the MSEA.

To be eligible for MSEA year end awards, your horse must be signed up with the MSEA as well as you.

To sign up your horse, go to the MSEA website which is Click on the “Forms” link.

It is a Lifetime membership and you only have to sign up your horse once.
To be eligible for Area IX awards, you must be a member of USEA. Go to to sign up as a member.

Thorough explanation of all CCC Awards and how points are tallied are available on the MSEA-CCC By-Laws Link, Section 3 of the CCC website.

Explanation of how the MSEA awards are tallied is available on the MSEA website (see above) under the “Awards” link.

Explanation of how the CCC Awards are tallied is available on this website under the “Awards” link which is under the “Membership”