Mountain States Eventing Association Central Colorado Chapter By-Laws
(Revised and approved January 2007)

These by-laws are established by the Executive Committee of MSEA-CCC under Article 5 of the Chapter Constitution.

Section 1. Amendment

The By-Laws for MSEA-CCC may be amended by a quorum of three out of the five
elected members of the Executive Committee at any committee meeting.

Section 2. Clarification of the Constitution

A. “USEA Rules” shall mean the current issue of the rules for Eventing published by the
USEF (United States Equestrian Federation).

B. Organizers of events who wish to have advanced endorsement from MSEA-CCC to be eligible for year-end award points need only assure the Executive Committee that the rules will be followed conscientiously.

C. Certain of the rules may be suspended for local events without jeopardizing their
endorsement by MSEA-CCC by discretion of the Executive Committee.

Section 3. Awards

A. Points for year-end awards of MSEA-CCC can be accumulated at any event that follows
USEA rules and is held in the CCC area (Area IX) whether or not it is recognized by
USEA or MSEA, Inc. Points from other areas will adhere to B.i.-B.j. below.

B. Scale of points for winners:

a) Unrecognized Two-phase event — half points

b) USEA recognized Two-phase event — single points

c) Unrecognized Three-phase event — single points

d) USEA registered event (horse trials) — double points

e) USEA Area IX Championship Horse Trials shall receive triple points.

f) USEA recognized Two-Day events shall receive triple points.

g) USEA recognized Three-Day events shall receive quadruple points.

h) USEA recognized CIC events shall receive double-and-a-half points.

i) USEA registered events (horse trials), Two-Day events and Three-Day events outside
of Area IX shall receive the same points as Area IX, but these points are not to exceed
33% of total points

j) If there is no USEA registered event (horse trial), Two-Day event or Three-Day event
of a particular level offered in Area IX for a given year, points outside the area may
exceed 33% of total points. If there is an event offered at that level (whether or not a
CCC member places), rules a-i above apply.

C. Point Basis

If there are six or more starters in a division, points shall be awarded on a 6,5,4,3,2,1 basis.

If there are fewer than six competitors, points will be reduced: e.g., if there are three
starters, points should be 3 for first, 2 for second, and 1 for third. It is incumbent upon the secretary of each horse trials to get the results to the Vice President for accounting
purposes for year-end awards.

D. Eligibility

To receive a high point award at any level, both the rider and the owner of the horse must be members of MSEA-CCC and points must have been earned by the same horse-rider combination.

E. Additional policies

a) Year-end Senior and Junior champion and reserve awards shall be given to Beginner
Novice, Novice and Training levels.

b) The same horse/rider combination may not win a Year-end award more than twice at any given level.

c) To be eligible, each horse/rider combination must submit an itemized listing of places and points earned to the Vice President within one 1 month of the last event of the calendar year or with “Call for Awards,” whichever comes first.

d) To be eligible for year-end awards, the rider or rider representative must complete 4 hours of volunteer service and must provide that information to the Vice President when
submitting the itemized listing of placings. Volunteer hours can be served for any horse
trial in the CCC area, at the Spring Gulch clean up days, or at any other CCC function.

e) Regarding eligibility for the Beginner Novice Rider awards, the rider must be new to
eventing,–i.e. never competed in a combined training event prior to the current eventing
season–must be an amateur and must compete with the same horse/rider combination.

f) Ties – Ties at the Champion and Reserve Champion levels will be broken by the following procedure: the winner will have the highest average of his/her top 3 scores at any USEA recognized horse trial, 2-Day event or 3-Day event in the given competition year. Ties will be honored at all other places, but placings will be skipped accordingly (i.e. if two riders tie for 3rd place, then 4th place is skipped).

g) I/P placings shall be calculated as points towards Preliminary division year-end awards.

Section 4. Listing of Trophies for Year-end Awards

A. CCC High Point Advanced Horse. Donated by Pendragon Stud Equestrian Center (Laura Backus) in 1999, this trophy is a pewter horse statue. Awarded to the high point horse/rider combination at Advanced level in CCC.

B. CCC Intermediate Award. Donated by CCC in 1997, this trophy is a large silver bowl awarded to the high point horse/rider combination at the Intermediate level in CCC.

C. Blue Mountain Preliminary Trophy. Donated by the Rudolf family in 1981, this trophy is a silver ice bucket for the high point horse/rider combination at the Preliminary level in CCC.

D. Will He Perpetual Trophy. Donated in memory of “Will He,” Lynn Klisavage’s partner for many years, by Shelley Barnhardt & Company in 1996. The trophy is a silver tray awarded to the high point first-year Preliminary horse/rider combination in CCC.

E. CCC High Point Young Rider. Donated by Prestige Training (James Moore) and John Kelly in 2003, this trophy is a large ceramic horse head with a wood base. Awarded to high point horse/rider combination age 16 to 21 at Preliminary level and above in CCC. This trophy is in memory of “Risky Business”, owned and ridden by John Kelly at the Training level for many years in Central Colorado.

F. President’s Trophy. Donated by Mary Rose in 1976 for the high point Training horse/rider combination in CCC; it is a water pitcher.

G. Senior Training Championship Trophy. Donated by the Fine family in 2004, the trophy is a plaque. It is awarded to the high point Senior rider/horse combination.

H. Junior Training Championship Trophy. Donated by the Byyny family in 1985, the trophy is a carousel horse on a wooden base. It is awarded to the high point Junior rider/horse combination in CCC.

I. Stokes Pre-Training (Novice) Trophy. Donated by Elizabeth Stokes in 1976, it is a silver ice bucket for the top Novice horse/rider combination in CCC.

J. Senior Novice Trophy. Donated by CCC in 1988, the trophy is a silver plate given to the top Senior Novice horse/rider combination in CCC..

K. Junior Pre-Training (Novice) Trophy. Donated by the Smith family in 1982, it is a silver pitcher given to the top Junior Novice horse/rider combination in CCC.

L. Senior Beginner Novice Trophy. Donated by Abbe Ranch in 1993, it is a big wood square with a gold horse head. It goes to the top Senior Beginner Novice horse/rider combination in CCC.

M. Junior Beginner Novice Trophy. Donated by Maidstone Farm in 1991, it is a silver cup given to the Junior Beginner Novice horse/rider combination in CCC.

N. Beginner Novice Rider Trophy. Donated by Platinum Farms (Rochelle Costanza) in 2007, it is a mounted gold and silver cup with a horse on top. It goes to the high point horse/rider combination in the Beginner Novice division where the rider is new to eventing. See Section 3Ee.

O. Leslie Terry Award. Donated by CCC in honor of Leslie Terry, it is a large silver tray. It is awarded to the CCC member who makes an outstanding contribution to the sport of eventing.

P. Retired Awards. The Laura and John Szmiqiero Challenge Trophy for Preliminary division has been retired. The Restricted Novice Trophy (used as the Beginner Novice Rider Trophy) was retired in 2007.