Annual Spring Gulch XC Schooling Pass (Friends of Spring Gulch)


Annual Spring Gulch XC Schooling Pass now available so that you don’t have to remember an additional $5 each time you go school the course! 

Did you know that the $5 park fee at the entrance goes to the Highlands Ranch District for maintaining the bathroom and picnic area; but the additional $5 “donation” that is requested at the storage shed drop-box by the covered picnic area goes to the “Friends of Spring Gulch” to build and maintain the cross-country course? 

The newly offered Annual SG Schooling Pass will cover all your “donations” to the Friends of Spring Gulch for the year so that you won’t have to make that additional $5 donation each time you visit.  Passes are $30 for an individual and $50 for a family pass. 

Attached is a request for the pass – please print, fill it out and send to Kristin Hardy.  Also, these SG Schooling Passes will be offered at the May 6 clean-up day at SG, as well as at the SG Horse Trials on May 20-21, and at the monthly CCC meetings (see CCC website for meeting dates & times).

SG Schooling pass request form-2017