Volunteers needed for Colorado Horse Park

Dear CCC Members,

The Colorado Horse Park still needs volunteers for this weekend’s, August 22-24, horse trials and championships.  This would be a great opportunity to get your 4 volunteer hours needed for CCC year end awards.  Don’t forget that the hours need to be done at a CCC event or an Area 9 USEA recognized event.  And your friends and family can help you get your hours!

If you are interested, please contact Jill McConaughy at equineappraisal@juno.com or call her 561-676-3927

thank you for your help


CCC/MSEA – check your horse too!

Dear MSEA/CCC members,

We wanted to remind you to ensure your HORSE is registered with MSEA by checking the list here:  http://www.msea-area9.org/MSEA/HorseRegistry

If you do not see your horse listed, please do register soon.

If you signed YOURSELF up to be a CCC member this year, this qualifies you for CCC year end awards and MSEA rider awards.  If you want to be eligible for MSEA HORSE awards, you must register your HORSE with MSEA separately using this form: http://www.msea-area9.org/uploads/Main/mseahorse13.pdf

As the form says, registration is $15 for one year or $35 for lifetime.  We recommend the lifetime membership, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to renew yearly.

CCC Board

New USEA Policy

FYI – This is new USEA policy for this year for the Beginner Novice Level.
New policies effective December 1, 2013:

USEA requires that all competitors, including foreign competitors, be members of the USEA in order to compete at USEA-recognized competitions at the Novice level and above. In addition, all horses including foreign horses must be registered with the USEA with Full or Limited registration status. There will be no exceptions.

All Beginner Novice riders must have a USEA ID number. ID numbers do not require membership and can be created by going to the USEA home page and clicking on Online Services. Click “New User?” to create profile.

All horses competing at the Beginner Novice level must be registered with at least a Restricted status. There is no cost to register a horse at Restricted status, but the owner or rider must have a USEA ID number to register the horse.

The starter fees for all national and FEI competitions will now be $21.This includes an increase of $1.00 per starter levied on all starters to generate funds for equine research.


All riders, including Life members, must declare their amateur status each year.Amateur status is defined by USEF Rules for Eventing Appendix 3, Section 4.4.Please note: the default is that a rider is not an amateur. Members have seven days from the date of renewal to change their status. Once established, Amateur status remains the same for the rest of the membership year.

As per the Rules (EV106.2), entries are considered complete when all entry and stabling fees have been received.In the case of online entries paid by credit card through Xentry, entries are considered complete upon submission as the USEA guarantees payment to the organizer. Online entries paid by check are not considered “complete” until the check is received.

USEA Policy states: USEA Starter and Drugs & Medications Fees are not subjected to the competition office fee, and shall be returned to any rider within 30 days of the completion of the competition who withdraws prior to the start of the dressage test.


The USEA is available on Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM E.T. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact USEA Member Services by phone at (703) 779-0440 (2) or by email at memberservices@useventing.com.

Important Info about MSEA Horse Registry

MSEA Lifetime registered horses who have not competed for 3 years are removed from the MSEA Horse Registry unless we are informed otherwise. The list for those horses that have been taken off  is now posted at http://www.msea-area9.org/. Please contact Leslie Terry at lt2@kellin.net by December 1st if your horse is on the list and you would like your horse left in the Registry for 2013. Here is the link to the horses currently registered with the MSEA: http://www.msea-area9.org/MSEA/HorseRegistry. YOUR HORSE MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THE MSEA TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR MSEA YEAR END AWARDS! When you are a CCC member, you automatically become a member of the MSEA too.